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welcome to Prism Electronics


Prism Electronics has spent years developing sales channels and a comprehensive process to maximize returns on a variety of assets. We can generate revenue from your end of life IT equipment as well as thousands of computer related or industrial products.

When IT equipment and other assets reach the end of their useful life in your business, it often has market value elsewhere, provided it can be refurbished, resold or redeployed. Through a wide variety of sales channels in our distribution network of wholesale, e-commerce and end user markets, there are multiple opportunities to re-sell products that would otherwise hit a landfill or scrap yard. We specialize in finding new and innovative uses and sales channels for products most companies would discount as waste.

Our state of the art Tech labs employ highly trained personnel with the expertise to test, clean, and refurbish all types of equipment.


We offer spot pricing, lot processing and Vendor Managed Inventory programs depending on your needs.