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welcome to Prism Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Prism Electronics Ship Internationally?

    Yes. Restrictions may apply to certain destinations.

  • How many facilities does Prism Electronics operate?


  • Does Prism Electronics take personal checks?

    Yes. Checks exceeding a certain dollar value may require bank verification prior to shipping an order. Dishonored checks will be charged a $25.00 (USD) handling fee.

  • What is Prism Electronics corporate address?

    Prism Electronics Corp, 305 Digital Dr., Morgan Hill, CA 95037

  • Is Prism Electronics independently owned and operated?


  • Is Prism Electronics an Equal Opportunity Employer?


  • What is Prism Electronics phone number?


  • Can I place a back order?

    Since our stock is limited, we only accept orders on first-come first-serve basis. Once our stock is sold out - we do not have an option to order additional product.

  • Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?

    Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order is submitted and you will also receive an e-mail confirmation which includes the tracker number once your order has shipped.

  • How many employees does Prism Electronics have?


  • Does Prism Electronics have a minimum order amount?

    Yes-For shipping within the US; minimum order is $ 60.00ea for product in stock, for international orders including Canada; minimum order $150.

  • Can I schedule my order?

    At this time we do not offer order scheduling. All orders are shipped in full unless of otherwise agreed prior to placing order.

  • Does Prism Electronics offer technical assistance?

    There is no technical service on-site. Any technical questions shall be referred to the Manufacturer of the product.

  • Why does the price on the same product change?

    Prices are subject to availability and can change at any time without notice. Please contact the sales representative to get current pricing.

  • How can I get a copy of invoice?

    Send your request to accounting@prismelectronics.net

  • You showed the part number before but now I don’t see it anymore; can I still order it?

    All orders are processed on the first come-first serve basis, due to limited stock availability. We can only offer what we currently have in stock.

  • How long are quotes valid for?

    Quotes are typically valid for 2 weeks unless otherwise specified by the sales representative. Please reconfirm the price after 2 weeks period.

  • Can I do a split shipment for my order?

    Due to limited stock availability typically we do not offer split shipment option unless if otherwise agreed with the sales representative prior to placing an order due to specific circumstances.

  • Do you take credit cards?

    We do not accept credit cards directly. Credit card can be accepted via PayPal (subject to handling fee).